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027 Nori West

North West, Female. (027)

Born June 15 2013 05:34am West Hollywood CA USA

Chart is Nocturnal & Conjunctional. Angles/Mutable

Delineation by Estebon Duarte

ASCENDANT: 21 Gemini 40

HUMOR/TEMPERMENT: Blood/Sanguine – Interested in fads, conscious of trends.

MODAL TYPE: Motive – Active, sporting oriented, though more likely a mover/shaker.

PLANET TYPE: Solar – Public Figure, people person.

BODY TYPE: Masculine. Oblong imposed on Long-square.

DIFFERENTIA: Luminaries angular and in Minor Dignity with support from the Benefics. The malefics are weak in condition and position (Mars cadent by Division, Saturn cadent by WSH) 

HYLEG/ALCOCHODEN: Moon/Mercury (Mercury’s middle years 48 + Venus’s minor years 8 and middle years as months 45 + Jupiter’s minor years as months 12 = 60 years 9 months). Mercury is succedent and in dignity of term and face, conjunct Venus, who is in honor of triplicity. The Moon’s square to Mars makes Mars (10degGemini40) a possible Anareta or at least dangerous Promittor.

PRIMARY MOTIVATION: The integration and dissemination of information, absorbing and redistributing knowledge. This will be focused through ambitious projections of self, artful discourse and emotional communication. 

DOMICILE: Mercury – Mercury in Cancer conjunct Venus, succedent/honor of Term & Decan, Ruler of the Chart, Almuten of the Ascendant, mutually received by the Moon in Virgo.  



TRIPLICITY: Mercury (succedent/honor Term&Face) – Saturn (succedent/peregrine) – Jupiter (angular/detriment/combust)

TERM: Mars (rising/whole sign. Honor of Face)

DECAN: Sun (conjunct Asc. In honor of Face)

ASPECTS TO THE ASCENDANT: Applying Conjunction with Sun <3deg. Applying conjunction with Jupiter 5deg. Stellia rising in Gemini. Malefics rule the Terms until Year 17.

QUALITY OF MIND & EMOTIONS: Mercury is conjoined Venus near the cusp of the 2nd house in Cancer. The Moon, from Virgo/4th, is in a very tight square with Mars in Gemini/Rising Sign. The Moon rules Mercury’s position and Mercury rules the Moon’s position, they are joined by a distant applying sextile (8deg10min/whole sign) though the Moon separates from Saturn and applies to Mars.

ALMUTEM FIGURIS: Mercury – The native is focused in the rational spirit. She will be inspired by young women’s movements.

PART OF FAITH: 13 Leo 29 (3rd House/Sign). “Connected to the Sun the Native is involved with the public making public shows of their religiosity, they are fond of generosity, philanthropy and social actions of various sorts, and basically they are not deep when it comes to doctrine, they usually have their opinions of religion but they are not usually learned people, nevertheless they can become public figures”. (Bonatti,’On Parts’, Zoller Trans.)

PART OF SUN/SPIRIT: 07 Virgo 32 (4th House/Sign, conjunct Moon). The native will seek practical benefit from Spiritual Matters. Service will bring spiritual satisfaction. She may be prone to visions or an intuitive connection to nature (Moon). The Part’s ruler is Mercury in Cancer/2nd which indicates financial philanthropy (dispositor of Jupiter/Sun), perhaps toward environmental causes (Earth Sign) or contemporary humanitarian efforts (Virgo).

PART HYLEG: 14 Virgo 05 (4th House/Sign). The native’s life purpose will be tied to family & home.


  1. A) Character/Health
  1. a) Traits – Extroverted a Solar planetary type will seek public roles or leadership opportunities. A sanguine temperament is easily lured by trends and fads, though is non-committal enough to go with the flow. A Gemini stellium will drive the native in various directions, each with bombastic flair though not always with dedication to see things all the way through (Mars/Sun/Jupiter + all three have little dignity in their positions).
  2. b) Physical – “One born in the third face will have narrow face and small eyes. (S)He is boastful, lascivious, says improper things…One born at the end of the sign (Gemini) will not have perfect eyes” (sight?). Medium height and build, a masculine body indication can produce a “hard body” or a “yoga body”, depending on the current cycles and transits. Jupiter inclines the body toward a full figure, though combust and in detriment I would add the adjective ‘thick’, though the Ascendant should have profected through the twelve signs one full cycle before judgments can be made. Oval facial features, arched eyebrows and high cheek bones.
  3. c) Mental – Mercury as ruler of the Ascendant signifies “a love of knowledge…a supporter of causes” (Abu Ali, Dykes trans. “like an activist”), advocationem in causis . She may be pragmatic in thought, though emotional in speech & expression. She will decide what she feels and thinks before speaking her thoughts and emotions, though may lose control of when and where she speaks them.


  1. B) Vocation
  1. a) Professional Significator – Mars, Venus & Mercury are the Traditional indicators of profession. The most prominently placed is Mars rising in Gemini (ruler of 11th/6th/8th sign); “the Activist”. A fundraiser for social-reform, young women & health issues. Perhaps as figure-head, a symbol (spokesperson). Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer/2nd is coming out from under-the-suns-beams <20deg; She will be aware of financial systems, especially those that relate to art, design and women’s interests. Saturn Trine from Scorpio/5th to the MC (ruler of 5th/8th/9th sign); hidden secrets or accusations, blackmail (?) concerning family financial matters influence professional interests. Moon in Virgo (ruler of 2nd/12th) opposed MC; she will work with women in the family.
  2. b) Rate of Success – She will be aggressive in her professional pursuits; intellectually and proactively. Success will be moderate to full with hindrances coming from the mutability of the signs involved and numerous opportunities/ambitions indicated by three planets attending the ascendant. 
  3. c) Financial Significator – Part/Lot of Substance in Aries/11th (Janus4), Sun contributing 1st/Gemini (or POF w/ Mars. >5deg); the native gathers funds by licit means. Substance will be gained by the discovery of crude gold, or things not thought of before, Zoller stated “s/he acquires substance because of Friends, or Soldiers, or because of the supervision of familiars (searvants), or by negotiations, accommodations, or tax collections, or s/he will acquire it from an unexpected good fortune coming to him/her, or from those things s/he hopes will bring money or from any of the things signified by the 11th house” (Lesson 13 DMA). The Lord of the First is in mutual reception with the Lord of the Second; she will be good at acquiring finances, though the influence of Venus will provide ample desire to spend as well, the financial picture in the chart is strong with two triplicity rulers angular and one succedent.
  4. d) Rank of Fame – Second/Third Level; Both Luminaries in angles, the Sun in a Masculine sign and the Moon in a feminine. The Sun is attended by an angular Jupiter and the Moon attended by an angular Mars. Further marks of notoriety through philanthropy and activism.


  1. C) Marriage/Family – The Sun is within 3 degrees of the Ascendant, the ruler of the 7th is in the 1st. She may marry or be involved romantically with a performer or public figure, though the configuration suggests she will possess more fame and money. The Ruler of the 7th is in the rising sign; Many suitors will seek her out (Jupiter), there may be two major relationships (Mutable Sign), one will be early and frivolous, the other later and more serious.

  1. D) Spiritual Life
  1. a) Is the Native’s 9th House active? – Saturn rules the 9th (Aquarius) and is peregrine and retrograde in the 5th; Humanitarian Sciences are suggested. The relevant Lots suggest Philanthropy and Public Service as avenues for spiritual satisfaction.
  2. b) What is the Native’s concept of God? (Part of the Unseen) The native will possess a humanistic view of spiritual matters.
  3. c) What Task has the Native been born for? (Part Hyleg) To deal with issues connected between family, home and projection of self.
  4. d) What sect does the Native join? (Part of Faith) a public one. Local philanthropy will be an important component.

  1. E) The Almutem Figuris
  1. a) Is the Native of the Rational, Animal or Natural Spirit? – The native is focused in the rational spirit. She will be inspired by the Arts, young women’s movements and the Family business.
Estebon Duarte AMA MACAA
 Independent researcher specializing in Western Predictive Astrology and Cultural Astronomy. Currently working on a diverse course of research including Medieval Horoscopic Techniques, NeoPlatonic Astral Magic as well as the Secular advancement of Space 2.0 and Humanity's place in the Cosmos; Sacred Geometry, NuPhysics, Asteroid Mining and such phenomena as the Overview Effect. Find Estebon Duarte on Google+
Horoscopic Birth Chart analysis is an ancient practice of Divination that has fragmented into numerous contemporary Cultural Astrologies that are practiced in vastly different ways. The analysis contained on this page has been done according to Medieval Period astrological techniques, especially those promoted by Robert Zoller, translator of Medieval Latin Astrological Treatises from roughly 1200 CE though based on material originating from the 1st Century and passed through Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Persian, Arabic and Latin inheritors.
As with any Modern assertion of the Future, these statements are non-binding, and have been made for research purposes only. 2013© 
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