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The Robert Zoller Method of Western Predictive Astrology can be viewed as a contemporary application of medieval astrology. In particular the medieval astrological tradition as it was practiced and promoted by 13th century Italian Guido Bonatti in his Book of Astronomy, written in Latin near the end of his life. Zoller’s translation and interpretation of Bonatti’s encyclopedic work created a new renaissance for Traditional Astrology, and spurred the onset of a translation movement that is after two decades still gaining momentum. Zoller’s work with these methods produced a predictive astrology that was used by him to predict the tragic events that occurred in the United States on September 11 2001. Following this prediction Zoller offered a two year diploma course of study for serious students interested in medieval astrology and its use with natal horoscopy. Without furthering or obfuscating the challenges associated with producing and maintaining a corpus of work resuscitated from a century ago, it will suffice to say that Zoller ended his role as an instructor in late 2005, though his course is still in publication. The lack of direct instruction has left current students of Zoller’s methodology to their own understanding while the latest trend in translation effort has produced more methods than examples. The effect has been a fragmentation in what Zoller had termed Western Predictive Astrology into various schools of thought based on the Historical Astrological literary tradition and a decline in the practice of his proposed application of the methods. Both his direct students as well as those that have purchased the course lessons have access to a delineation template to use in natal astrology readings. This template is straight forward in an effort to delineate the birth chart of the native in an objective way. It is based on basic categories of shared human civilization; Education, Family, Community Standing, Profession, as well as Physical, Mental and Spiritual well-being. The techniques required are outlined in the bulk of the course work and build upon foundational lessons. It was suggested by Zoller that anyone who wishes to benefit from predictive astrology techniques apply them to a minimum of 200 different charts. Using the template provided by Zoller can be an efficient way to categorize and apply techniques covered in twenty-six lessons that fill over five hundred pages. As Zoller put it himself, ‘The primary goal in preparing this list [of categories] was to give the astrologer as comprehensive as possible an understanding of the client so that he might offer the most suitable advice’.
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Estebon Duarte AMA, MACAA
Independent researcher specializing in Western Predictive Astrology and Cultural Astronomy. Currently working on a diverse course of research including Medieval Horoscopic Techniques, NeoPlatonic Astral Magic as well as the Secular advancement of Space 2.0 and Humanity's place in the Cosmos; Sacred Geometry, NuPhysics, Asteroid Mining and such phenomena as the Overview Effect. Find Estebon Duarte on Google+

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