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What do the Planets Mean?


The Seven Planets; The two Lights (Sun and Moon) and the five wandering stars that are the only planets that reflect the Sun's Light (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) rendering them visible to the human eye, are the singular representation of a "Chain of Sympathy" that has been observed through ancient traditions to exist between material objects and subjective experience that can be traced through minerals, plants, animals, human physiologies and psychologies, environments both man made and ecological, professions, politics, religion in a connection to the seven planets and twelve zodiac signs as significators of these things, their changes indicated by the various movements and shifts continuously occurring between them.
The foundation of astrological delineation of a horoscope chart is the judgment of planets acting through the signs in the context of the houses. In this sense the planets act as ‘Significators’ in the Horoscopic Chart. They do this in three ways;

, by the specific nature of the planet.

Accidentally, by the planet’s location & rulership in a horoscope chart.

Specifically, by virtue of multiple conditions in a horoscope chart.

MOON: The moon represents growth, women, the appetite and emotions, sub-conscious thoughts and desires. Mysticism and imagination. Mothers.

MERCURY: Mercury represents communication, commerce, information. The manners in which we speak and write are influenced by the sign and house Mercury is in. The quality of the mind.

VENUS: The house we find Venus in is where the native (individual whose birth chart is being read) experiences love. And her agreement (or lack thereof) with the sign she is in may determine the quality of that love (lust, puppy love, “tough” love, or even no love). Venus also represents Women and things that are pleasurable to the senses (Art, Fashion, etc).

SUN: The location and quality of the Sun determines whether or not (and to what degree) a person experiences fame and recognition. It determines what one is known for, and represents the state and condition of the father.

MARS: Mars will be a destructive force that serves the passions, or in a good configuration, Mars can be courageous initiative and constructive energy. Though mostly where you find Mars is where you find conflict and contentions.

JUPITER: Jupiter grants abundance and freedom. Wealth and Wisdom.

SATURN: Saturn is obstructions and delays. Depression and loss.

Estebon Duarte AMA, MACAA
Independent researcher specializing in Western Predictive Astrology and Cultural Astronomy. Currently working on a diverse course of research including Medieval Horoscopic Techniques, NeoPlatonic Astral Magic as well as the Secular advancement of Space 2.0 and Humanity's place in the Cosmos; Sacred Geometry, NuPhysics, Asteroid Mining and such phenomena as the Overview Effect. Find Estebon Duarte on Google+
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