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What do the Astrological Houses Mean?


Each of the twelve sign/house divisions of the zodiac corresponds to one or more area of life, measured for good or bad by the form of the zodiac sign on the cusp of the house and the disposition of the house’s ruler (the planet associated with the sign on the cusp) and strengthened or weakened by planets contained within. The houses begin with the Ascendant (1st house) which is the degree of the zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth (the true ‘Horoscope’, which means ‘hour-marker’), it begins on the left side of your chart (where 9 would be if it were a clock) and moves counter-clockwise (the 2nd house is where 8 would be if it were a clock). Their meanings are thus;

1ST HOUSE (ASCENDANT): This house represents you, your physical make-up, your skills and talents. It also represents the primary motivation in your life.

2ND HOUSE: Liquid Wealth; stocks, paychecks. Moveable assets; cash, jewels. All material worth that can be carried with you or easily transported. 

3RD HOUSE: Represents siblings (if there are any), and also neighbors and the community. It can represent how one deals with learning and communication. This house also manifests short journeys (no more than 2 days in length).

4TH HOUSE: This house represents the family, the home. It also represents immovable wealth, like real estate, inheritances.

5TH HOUSE: The house of delights, where and how we find enjoyment and entertainment. This is also the house of children.

6TH HOUSE: The house of servants and service, also the house of minor illnesses.

7TH HOUSE: This house represents the partner, partnership, both intimate and financial. This house also represents open enemies, or those that openly oppose you.

8TH HOUSE: This house represents Death. The nature of your partners’ financial situation, also money derived from partnerships, inheritances.

9TH HOUSE: Spirituality and Faith (or lack thereof), this house also represents Higher Education (College, Technical schools) and pilgrimages, or travels longer than 5 days.

10TH HOUSE (MC or Mid-Heaven): Is your actions and deeds (Reputation), what you are known for in this world. Most often this is the house of profession. What attributes you apply to your job are found in this house.

11TH HOUSE: The house of friendship. The nature of ones social life is described in this house, as well as ones hopes and dreams.

12TH HOUSE: Secret enemies. Incarceration, hospitalization, self-undoing and lamentation.

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