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Estebon Duarte AMA MACAA
Independent researcher specializing in Western Predictive Astrology and Cultural Astronomy. Currently working on a diverse course of research including Medieval Horoscopic Techniques, NeoPlatonic Astral Magic as well as the Secular advancement of Space 2.0 and Humanity's place in the Cosmos; Sacred Botany, NuPhysics, Asteroid Mining and such phenomena as the Overview Effect. Find Estebon Duarte on Google+
Cultural Astronomy Astrology Cosmology Traditional Astrology Chaldean Omen Astrology Egyptian Astrology Babylonian Astrology Greek Astrology Sanskrit Vedic Indian Astrology Hellenistic Astrology Sassanian Astrology Persian Astrology Arabic Astrology Latin Astrology Ptolemy Ptolemaic Astronomy Nechepso Petisiris Berossus Dorotheus Vettius Valens Firmicus Maternus Rhetorius Porphory Theophilus of Edessa NeoPlatonism Neoplatonist NeoPlatonic Sabaens Nabateans Thabit ibn Qurra al-Kindi Abu Mashar Kankah Masha'alla Sahl Abu Ali al Khayyat Umar al Tabari Abu Bakr Ikhwan al Safa Ibn Sina Avicenna Abu Rayan al Biruni Omar Khayyam al Qabisi Alchabitius Hermann of Carinthia John of Spain King Alfonso Guido Bonatti William Ramesey William Lily Deb Houlding Robert Zoller Robert Hand Robert Schmidt Nicholas Campion Ben Dykes Steven Birchfield Natal Astrology Mundane Astrology Horary Astrology Electional Astrology Astrological Prediction Western Predictive Astrology Rising Sign Ascendant Ascending Sign astrology compatibility aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces moon mercury venus sun mars jupiter saturn nodes ecliptic celestial equator meridian zodiac astrology chart horoscope horoscopic horoscopy inner planets arabic parts hermetic lots part of fortune lot of fortune part of the unseen lot of spirit lot of daemon lot of sun midheaven triplicity quadriplicity common signs moveable signs immobile signs fixed mutable cardinal hyleg alcochoden hilaj kadukudah direction through bounds term lord time lords profections solar revolution birth chart natal chart nativity astrology chart readings predictions delineation aries ingress full moon eclipse total solar eclipse lunar eclipse comets asteroids Jupiter Saturn conjunctions trine sextile square opposition corporeal conjunction applying aspects separating aspects sign house ruler dispositor almutem figuris almuten chart victor guardian angel length of life arc of life promissor promittor primary directions ascensions oblique ascensions financial significator professional class rank of fame primary motivation malefic benefic joy angular advancing succedent firm cadent retreating bodyguarding casting rays blocking transfer of light transition exaltation exalted dignified detriment fall retrograde station triplicity shift lunation prior to ingress lord of the year
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